July 29, 2009

Heart 2 Heart #3 "Live in Italo"

Looking for Heart 2 Heart #3 "Live in Italo"? Download it here.

"Summertime Hot Nights Fever" Electric Theatre
"Tour de France" Kraftwerk
"Love is Just a Breath Away" Donna Summer
"You'll Never Change No More" Flexx
"Spanish Journey" Raylo
"Imagination" - Belouis Some
"Heart 2 Heart" - Patty Devick

"The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams." Oprah Winfrey

I'm happy to announce you can now leave a message on the heartline to be answered on the next show. From inside the US, call 646 789 LINA. From outside the US, dial 001 646 789 5462. And remember: "The key to happiness is having dreams..the key to success is making dreams come true."

July 22, 2009

Heart 2 Heart #2 "Dancing Alone"

Guess what? Heart 2 Heart is going weekly! From now on, Heart 2 Heart will be airing on Tuesdays at 2200 CIT.That means we need more questions! You can submit questions anonymously via webform or by phone.

For all who tuned in, thanks for listening to the second episode of Heart 2 Heart! If you missed it, you can download it here.

Recap and song list below:

I'm addicted to video games!
"Computer Games" Mi-Sex

My girlfriend doesn't care about my love of music! 
"Work For Love" Ministry

I have to move back home!
"Völlig Losgelöst" Peter Schilling

I'm still dancing alone! 
"Looking for Love" Mauro Micheloni & FM Band

Also, thanks to BMX and Computerdisco for the intro, Casionova for the Whitesnake jingle and Paudical for being the Heart 2 Heart lab technician and design team!

July 6, 2009

Submit a Question to Heart 2 Heart

Ask a question anonymously to be answered on an upcoming show:

Or, you can leave a message on the Heartline.